10 House-hunting horrors which could be putting off potential buyers

putting off potential buyersHalloween is fast approaching and it’s got us thinking about the things potential buyers see as horrors.

So, we’ve drawn up our top 10 turn-offs for people during property viewings – so you can avoid them and sell your home:


  1. Pets – their fur, their smells, and their…well, leavings! Clean your property thoroughly before viewings, keep pets out of the house when potential buyers are looking around, banish the litter tray or the dog bone, and don’t leave bowls of pet food in the kitchen. It’s the number one turn-off for house buyers. Don’t forget that some would-be buyers might be allergic to animals or be frightened of them.
  2. Bright walls – you may love that bright orange paint, but your potential buyers may not! If you want to sell, it’s time to take some of your personality out of your home. Make it more neutral to appeal to more people. While you’re selling, you could add colour to your home with soft furnishings such as throws and cushions, or rugs. These are things you can take with you to your next property.
  3. Rooms strewn with toys – although creating a family feel is good, a cluttered room looks smaller and people need to be able to imagine themselves living there. Help them do that by clearing toys away.
  4. Cooking smells – think liver and fish as some of the main offenders. Lingering smells don’t help your cause. On the other hand, the smell of freshly baking bread and coffee tend to have the opposite effect. So, make sure your home is properly aired for viewings if you enjoyed a curry the night before.
  5. Cigarette smoke – a big no no. If you smoke inside, your viewers will smell it even if you open all the windows. Many people smell cigarette smoke and assume they will have to throw out carpets and repaint the whole house because they don’t want to live in it. Smoke outside while you’re selling and have your house thoroughly cleaned. You may well also decide to paint to cover any smoke stains.
  6. Messy bathrooms – a clean and tidy bathroom is huge selling point. Clutter it with make-up, toiletries, and cleaning products, and you’re not helping your agent during viewings.
  7. Unfinished DIY – it will make your buyers think they can knock you down on price because more work needs to be done than they had anticipated. Complete it!
  8. A shabby porch or front door – kerb appeal is hugely important. Get that repainted and tidied up as it’s your first chance to make a good impression.
  9. Dirty windows or curtains – sparkling windows say a home has been well maintained. Dirty windows say the opposite. It’s also such an easy thing to fix.
  10. Too much furniture – if your rooms are crammed with furniture, they will look small and poky. Put some of it in storage to free up space while you’re selling.


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