New legislation for all Landlords.

Legionnaires-disease-2Legionnaires disease is starting to hit the headlines due to new legislation introduced January 2015, that could give landlords a real problem. The bacteria group that causes it are commonly found in water and thrive in warm water that is standing or not being recirculated. As a result, water tanks and places like dead ends (pipes that lead nowhere) or air conditioning systems, are a great breeding ground for the bacteria.

The bacteria when airborne in the form of droplets can be taken into the lungs and there it can cause a fatal form of pneumonia. This is particularly risky for individuals like the sick or elderly. However, when it gets into the body one thing is certain- it will cause the patient a lot of discomfort, or worse.

Know your landlord responsibility towards Legionnaires disease

As a landlord we understand you are spinning lots of plates and this is yet another piece of legislation to add to your long list of to dos. The main problem with this particular issue is the potential liabilities of not complying with it.

A risk assessment should be carried out on all rented properties every two years and we are delighted to announce that we now have a qualified legionella risk assessor ready to assess your properties. To launch this new service we are offering this service for £100 inclusive of VAT. That is two years of cover for only £100 inclusive. Once we assess and provide the documentation your responsibility is covered and if they were any issues our comprehensive insurance will completely cover you.

We will contact you for a new Legionnaires disease assessment when its due

When the two year period is near to the end, our team will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for our team to come out for the new certificate and this means you dont even have to diarise it.
As well as this new service we wanted to also remind you of the rest of our comprehensive service provision. Our team of highly skilled property maintenance people carry out all manner of repairs and improvements to both our existing landlords and other customers. From building and electrical projects to plumbing and decorating our team have carried out all types of property work for many different clients across the Gwent valleys especially the Ebbw Vale area.
Alongside the maintenance team our letting division have a number of to let in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent and the surrounding areas. However, due to the high demand we have for properties we are always looking for new landlords.  If you are a landlord and want to let your property out, ensure as little downtime as possible between lets,  then why not try the Louvain Way!
Give our team a call today to discuss your needs and if you have not already got your Legionnaires certificate, please dont delay and get in touch as soon as possible to ensure you are up-to-date with current legislation.

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