Looking to rent a flat or house in South Wales? Draw up a checklist for your search

Looking to rent a flat or house in South Wales

If you’re a tenant Looking to rent a flat or house in South Wales, you need to create a checklist to ensure you get the new home you need.

If you go into your search with focus, you’re more likely to get a flat or house which meets your requirements.

Here’s our checklist for your search:

What’s the length of contract you need? – If you’re moving to a new area for work or study and need to get to know it, would a periodic contract on a month to month basis suit you? Most tenants who are expecting to stay in an area for a while prefer a fixed-term tenancy agreement which may run for six months or a year, for example. Most private rental properties are rented out on assured shorthold tenancies. Find out more about the contracts and which would suit you here: https://www.gov.uk/private-renting-tenancy-agreements/overview.

Read more about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant here: http://louvainproperties.co.uk/your-rights-and-responsibilities/.

Which areas would suit you? – Look at rental prices in an area, how close it is to work and schools, and whether it’s close to family members or friends. Look at the amenities in an area like shops, parks, post offices, and banks. Think about what you need – a young family will need access to good schools, parks, and play areas, while young professionals without children may well like to be close to bars and restaurants for their social lives.

What monthly rental price can you afford? – Work out a budget using this helpful guide from the Money Advice Service https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/how-much-rent-can-you-afford. You’ll need to factor in the cost of bills like food, travel, gas, electricity, your phone and broadband, water rates, and council tax. The local authority will be able to tell you the council tax rate on a property. Choose your budget carefully and leave yourself with some disposable income each month to save or use in emergencies.

What’s the relationship between the landlord and property manager? – A good relationship between a landlord and property manager is usually a good sign that repairs will be carried our promptly, for example. It’s worth chatting with the property manager about issues like that – and how often they are in contact.

It’s worth getting your financial ducks in a row as quickly as possible – so that you’re able to move quickly and secure the house or flat you like.

When you start your search, get your deposit, first month or two months’ rent, and references ready.

Check out the latest rental properties on our books here: http://louvainproperties.co.uk/lettings/

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