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Problem tenants? That’s not the Louvain way

Are all tenants the same? Of course not and that’s why being a landlord can be so tough.

From high maintenance costs to the perfect tenant the range you will probably have to deal with is limitless. But one thing is for sure if you get a problem tenant they can be a total nightmare.

For many years now the maintenance division of Louvain has had to deal with the aftermath of many problem tenants and we have literally seen almost everything you can imagine. We have been into numerous properties where the damage caused by a tenant with attitude has run into tens of thousands of pounds and whilst insurance may cover the repairs and losses it wont compensate for the time and hassle of having to pick up the pieces.

Hassle free tenants

Getting it right first time is our best defence

We understand that you dont want vacant properties but we also understand that putting the wrong tenant in will probably lead to issues and so we focus heavily on getting the right tenants into your properties.

Our vetting process is one of the most vigorous in the market and we are constantly monitoring and checking to ensure you have happy tenants and that our tenants and treating your property like their home.

We focus heavily on keeping all the properties on our books in top condition and with our ongoing preventative maintenance service the homes are always ready for new tenants and the tenants are always impressed by what they see when they move in.

Little niggles and issues become a thing of the past and the tenants can enjoy the property whilst you enjoy the peace and quiet! As all our team are directly employed by us we can maintain high standards and a consistency in our work that subbing out simply cannot.

Does the Louvain way sound like the way for you?

If any of this post has struck a chord with you or you have experienced any of the problems mentioned why not give our experienced team a call. We are always on hand to speak to new landlords and have a list of pre-vetted tenants looking for properties across the Gwent valleys now so you really do have nothing to lose.

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