How to make viewers fall in love with your home – check out our formula!


How to make viewers fall in love with your home as Valentine’s Day approaches, an estate agent’s thoughts turn to…how to make people fall in love with your home.

Our experience has taught us there is a house love potion formula to help all our sellers get the right people to feel that special connection with their properties.

Here’s our formula:

P+L+C+W+G = S

  • Right asking price – P
  • Excellent location – L
  • Clutter-free rooms – C
  • Bright and welcoming – W
  • Room to grow/add value – G
  • Successful sale – S

How can you get the right elements for our formula?

Right asking price – Experienced agents who know the local market, including the ceiling prices in your street, will help you get the asking price right the first time. Then, there’s be no need for reductions and no fear you could have achieved more.

Excellent location – We’ll help you sell the local amenities, services, schools, and the lifestyle people could have if they buy your property. That could mean stressing the walks buyers could take, the great schools their children could get access to, or the convenient shopping centres. We do our research on our potential buyers and tailor our pitches to appeal to their individual needs.

Clutter-free rooms – Our agents will give you honest advice about where you could, and should, declutter. It’s one of the worst turn-offs for potential buyers.

Bright and welcoming – We’ll help you create kerb appeal, decide where to freshen paintwork, and whether to change colours or soft furnishings. A welcoming feel is so important when people make their decisions on properties within seconds of seeing it.

Room to grow or add value – This is something we can help you identify and which we can then sell at viewings. There may be potential for a loft room, cellar conversion, or extension.

Which parts of a property do people love the most?

If you’re considering adding some extra value and cosmetic appeal before selling your home, concentrating on four areas of the home would help get the most impact for your cash.

The kitchen – Having an eat-in kitchen is a key tick box on the list of many home buyers, so upgrading your existing kitchen could help you attract the best price for your property. You’ll need to take advice from a local agent about how much value you could add, and then decide how much you should spend on the work.

The bathroom – Looking to sell the lifestyle your buyers could have? A refitted bathroom could help your buyers imaging themselves enjoying your home. Advice from your agent will help you set a budget.

The lounge – This is the area where most people would spend most of their time. A welcoming, light, airy, and attractive lounge will make a great impression. You’ll need to decide whether that means new plasterwork and flooring, or simply a lick of paint.

The entrance – Make a fantastic first impression with a new front door and clutter-free hallway.

Need help getting some love for your property? Call Louvain Properties on 01495 619811.

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