6 compelling reasons to choose property managers who offer in-house maintenance

Property managers know repairing a rental property can cause a headache for landlords and inconvenience to tenants.

The thought of looking for separate contractors for electrical work and painting and decorating can make landlords’ hearts sink.

Tenants may also be badly inconvenienced by a delay to getting a job completed while a landlord waits for a new contractor. They may even start looking for a new home.

That’s why a service which provides in-house maintenance for repairs and routine maintenance could well be the best option for both landlords and tenants.

Here are our six reasons why:


It’s perfect for landlords

  1. You don’t have to spend your precious time looking for trustworthy contractors to complete work on your property. Finding a good tradesman can be a hit and miss affair, particularly if you’re living outside the area. There’s also no need to source different trades. We do everything from full re-wires to putting up a few shelves. We also know our experienced workers will turn up when you need them.
  2. In-house maintenance saves you money. Look for a property management company which passes on its trade discounts to you, just like Louvain Properties. That could save you thousands over the years
  3. Your relationship with your property management company will probably last many years. So, it’s in their interests to ensure the work carried out is of the best quality and appropriate for your budget.


It’s also ideal for tenants

  1. Property managers can act as a buffer between you and your landlord when you need to report problems. They assess what repairs are needed and report back to your landlord. You don’t have to feel like you’re a complainer because you’re raising the issue.
  2. An in-house maintenance team will understand your value as a tenant and the property management company will have control over when they do the work and the quality of the job they do.
  3. You have a relationship with the property managers which is likely to continue for years. It’s in their interests to ensure you remain a happy tenant with good quality and timely repairs.


Are you looking for a property manager?

Talk to us about our efficient and cost-effective in-house maintenance service. Find out more here: http://louvainproperties.co.uk/maintenance/.

Call us on 01495 440264.


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