rental property It’s vital that maintenance is carried out to keep your rental property in excellent condition for your tenants – and to protect your substantial investment.

If routine maintenance is left undone, small problems will escalate and become costly to fix.

Here are the top 5 ways your rental investment could turn into a money pit:


  1. Damaged or leaking guttering causing damp – Your property could end up suffering from damp walls and black mould unless guttering is cleared and maintained properly. If you want to attract and keep good tenants, dealing with damp issues promptly is a must.


  1. Missing roof slates leading to rotting roof timbers – One insurer has recently been advertising about the danger from missing roof slates or tiles. Not only could it cost you tens of thousands of pounds to replace rotten roof timbers if it’s left unfixed, it could even affect whether your insurance pays out. Get your roof checked annually to ensure it’s sound.


  1. Electrical problems causing a fire risk – A socket which shorts appliances, circuits which trip, light fittings which don’t work properly. All are signs there may be something wrong with the electrics in your rental property. It’s so important that these are investigated immediately. If they’re left unfixed, your property and your tenants could be at risk from an electrical fire.


  1. Leaking, broken, or rotten windows letting in the rain and wind – This could damage your walls, carpets, and curtains or blinds. It could also make your property insecure, attracting burglars and vandals.


  1. Leaking or burst pipes or joints flooding your property – A small leak can so easily get worse. It’s tempting to put a bucket under it while you juggle your priorities, but unless it’s properly investigated there could be more water getting out of your pipes causing costly damage to ceilings, floors, and walls. Don’t leave it, get a plumber in as soon as you can.


Every landlord needs to carry out routine checks to keep on top of their property’s maintenance.

One way of doing this without eating into your time is to engage a property manager who offers in-house maintenance, as we do at Louvain Properties.

That way, not only will checks be carried out and reported to you, routine maintenance will be carried out without the need for you to find contractors you can trust.

Our experts can carry out all the maintenance you require, from replacing damaged sockets to rewiring a whole house.

You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing all the relevant safety checks and certificates for the electrics and heating systems are up to date.

Find out more about our maintenance work here.


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