create some kerb appealSummer is house-hunting season.

So, this is the time to ask yourself if your home has real kerb appeal – or if its appearance is putting off people who might like to view it.

There are some relatively inexpensive things you can do to give your home a little more kerb appeal. Here are our top 10 tips:

  1. Tidy your front garden.

Power wash the drive, tidy up shrubs, cut the grass, pull up weeks, and inject a little colour with bedding plants such as marigolds and fuchsias which will last well into the autumn. Re-seed lawns with bald patches.

  1. Create symmetry with plants.

Use two bay trees, olive trees, or equally-sized planters on either side of the door to create symmetry. This makes a statement. Your front door becomes welcoming, the start of good things to come inside your home.

  1. Remove any unsightly bins or empty planters.

You only get one chance to make a good impression on your would-be buyers. Don’t allow anything to distract from your home. If your children have bikes and play equipment, make sure they’re removed before viewings and are not visible in any pictures you use online, in newspaper adverts, or in estate agent’s windows.

  1. Paint your door or surrounds.

A fresh coat of paint will give the impression of a home which is well maintained and loved. If you have uPVC doors, wash them down using sugar soap. It’s important this is rinsed off well to ensure a good finish.

  1. Wash your windows and ensure curtains and blinds are clean.

Windows which are sparkling will give your would-be buyers an excellent impression. Remove ornaments from window sills to give a clean, uncluttered look.

  1. Do you have pets? Replace or clean hall carpets or clean floors.

The immediate smell of dog or cat as your door is opened is massively off-putting to house hunters. Carpets are often the culprits. Can you clean them? If not, consider investing in a new hall carpet or lifting them and sanding back floorboards or polishing tiles.

  1. Wash down the paint on your walls.

A power wash can often remove most of the dirt on the exterior masonry paint, giving your home a fresher look.

  1. Make sure your doorbell works.

Check any batteries and connections, and test it. The little things make your home seem well loved.

  1. Do you have a flat? Make sure communal entry areas are tidy and clean.

There’s nothing worse than stepping over piles of junk mail or seeing graffiti on staircases.

Do you need to talk to other householders or a freeholder to share the cost of painting areas?

  1. Get a welcome mat!

It makes a great impression as people step over the threshold – and helps keep your floors clean!


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