How property managers can help

How property managers can helpProperty managers play a key role when it comes to dealing with problems.

They can act as a bridge between landlords and tenants, helping them find a way through disputes. Or, they can help them avoid problems in the first place.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. We take the heat out of the situation

Having a professional talking to both sides, without having to get into the same room, can take the heat of out any arguments and help prevent future conflict.

Your property manager is there to ensure both sides get the best deal possible – that landlords get excellent tenants and that tenants get good quality homes.


  1. We can independently assess any claims

A property manager will gather evidence if there are claims of breach of contract or damage to property by a tenant, or about claims that repairs are not being made by a landlord, for example.

This evidence can then be used to find a way forward.


  1. We can help ensure there are no disputes over deposits

This is a key area of potential dispute between landlords and tenants. The law says there must be tenancy deposit protection for all assured shorthold tenancies in England and Wales where a deposit is taken. A deposit must be protected within 30 calendar days of a landlord or agent receiving it.

This can be done by placing the funds into a recognised bond scheme or with an insurance-backed scheme.

Any tenant who does not think their deposit is protected or hasn’t received enough information about it can apply to the county court for compensation for up to three times the value of the deposit.

Landlords need to know tenants have the funds to pay deposits and rent.

Property managers can organise matters for landlords and tenants so that this process goes smoothly.


  1. We can track necessary investigations and repairs

Another important role is to ensure there are regular inspections so that repairs can be noted and dealt with.

Small repairs which are left unmanaged can turn into something far costlier. For example, a missing roof slate left for months and years can compromise roof beams or ceilings below. Pointing which is crumbling can let in rain water and cause damp in a property.

Nipping repair problems in the bud is important for both landlords and tenants. Good tenants won’t want to live in a property which has a long list of repairs and finding the time for inspections is a major pressure for many landlords.


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