After a long, hard winter, most of us are delighted Spring’s now here.

It’s a time for clearing our homes and giving ourselves a brighter, new look.

So, if you’re a landlord looking to rent your house or flat this Spring, it’s time to give your property a Spring make-over.

This will help you attract the sort of tenants you want.

Here are our top 5 ways of spring cleaning your South Wales rental property:

  1. Create kerb appeal – You only have a few seconds to make a good impression. The tenants you want will want to create a home in your property, so help them to see it right at the start of their viewing. You could repaint the front door, or replace it with a new composite door. You could also repaint your porch, tidy up the front garden, and put some planters around it. Make them feel this is somewhere they could call home.
  2. Give it a thorough Spring clean – Ensure all the carpets are professionally cleaned to get rid of stains and lingering smells from past tenants’ cigarettes or pets. Get the kitchen appliances and bath and bathroom fittings steam cleaned. Your property should smell fresh and welcoming.
  3. Ensure your paperwork is up to date – Tenants will want to know you have up-to-date certification for checks on gas appliances, for example. It’s one less reason to think twice about your house or flat.
  4. Give it a lick of paint in three key areas – These are the sitting room, hall, and bathroom. These are the rooms which get the most use and can be vulnerable to finger stains on paintwork or marks from moisture. The hall, in particular, is a key space which sets the tone for the rest of the property. A messy, badly-maintained hall makes tenants fear the rest of the house or flat will be equally neglected.
  5. Dress the property to attract the tenants you’d like – If you want to attract professionals with a good salary, dress your property like they would wish to see it. It’s all about getting them to visualise themselves living in your house or flat. It’s worth investing in or renting a few pieces of good quality furniture. If they are renting your property furnished, they will appreciate it. If not, you can rent the furniture and return it when they move their own in.


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